Case Study

Automated lead research in a fragmented target market


In a fragmented German property management market, Getmomo faced the immense challenge of identifying the right business prospects among 25,000 firms.

Getmomo provides innovative digital banking solutions, simplifying rental deposit and rent account management for property management firms. Their platform ensures seamless integration, ease of use, and efficient management processes.


Getmomo's challenge in the highly fragmented German property management market was twofold: not only was finding the right service matches among 25,000 firms an arduous task, but they also struggled with inefficient lead lists. These lists were often incomplete, inaccurate, not tailored to specific needs, and static, leading to quickly outdated information.


We offered a dynamic, accurate, and tailored prospecting tool, specifically designed to identify the most relevant matches within the property management sector. Our solution addressed all the issues associated with their previous lead lists – ensuring accurate information, filtering out irrelevant contacts like real estate brokers, and providing specific insights such as the number of units managed by each firm.


Implementing our solution resulted in a significant transformation for Getmomo. They were able to efficiently target and engage with the most relevant property management firms, saving time and resources. The precision and reliability of our prospecting tool enabled Getmomo to focus on the most promising opportunities, leading not only to better business relationships and an enhanced market position but further increased their time-to-market on new feature launches.

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